Mo Satarzadeh

Born in Iran, raised in Los Angeles, and currently Based out of Malibu, Ca with a decade of experience, I've honed my passion for photography and design into a finely tuned profession where attention to minute details and clear communication through consultations have brought my clients powerful imagery to further their brands.

It all began while growing up in the skateboarding scene in the late 90's and 2000's. The love for skateboarding eventually led me to photography and film where documenting friends skateboarding was then followed by my other passions - namely cars, people, and architecture.

Of my greatest influences that guide my art direction is my background and love of the arts, film, fashion, and music, which I incorporate into my work to create impactful and dramatic images that will stay with the viewer. 

Billboard for Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles on the 405. 

Billboard for Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles on the 405. 

We specialize in live action, commercial-luxury automotive, fashion, lifestyle, and event photography/videography with a photo-journalistic approach that will capture the people, presence, personality, and essence of your event.

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